iCONECT Integrates CAL with Adoption of Sentio Technology.

San Francisco, CA – iCONECT, a privately held 20-year industry leader in legal technology and makers of the award winning iCONECT-XERA document review platform, today announced the integration of patented Sentio artificial intelligence technology into iCONECT’s eDiscovery platform, to power its Continuous Active Learning (CAL). This integration is the first in a series of anticipated product developments since the recent announcement of Newfield Capital Partners as a strategic capital partner.

“We see AI everywhere from Spotify to Amazon to iTunes.” said CEO Ian Campbell. “By incorporating Sentio technology into the iCONECT platform, we’re creating a paradigm shift in how eDiscovery will be performed going forward.”

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Sentio Software Receives Notice of Allowance from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for U.S. Patent Regarding SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONTINUOUS ACTIVE MACHINE LEARNING WITH DOCUMENT REVIEW QUALITY MONITORING.

Washington, DC- Sentio Software, LLC, a technology firm located in Washington, DC, focused on developing next generation Continuous Active Learning Predictive Analytics technology, today announced receiving a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for U.S. Patent Application No. 15/885,687 related to certain systems and methods of continuous active machine learning with document review quality monitoring, used in Sentio’s lead products SentioAI and Sentio Maestro.

"We are pleased that the USPTO has allowed this U.S. patent relating to production systems and methods for CAL with document review quality monitoring at this significant period in its development. Together with other technology advancements this new patent will enhance our ability to offer next generation model based quality control," stated Hy Hetherington, Managing Partner of Sentio Software. “This Notice of Allowance in the U.S. is yet another important step forward, further strengthening and expanding Sentio’s innovation in data classification and review."

About Sentio Software

Established in 2015, Sentio Software is a premier technology firm specializing in document classification and review solutions using advanced machine learning and predictive analytics. Sentio's technology team has extensive experience in information retrieval, machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and data mining for Big Data. Sentio Software's products are available as a hosted solution or behind the firewall. Sentio serves legal firms, corporations and the US government.

HLP Integration is pleased to announce industry leading technologist, Paul Gettmann, has joined the team as Chief Technology Officer. Paul’s 20 years of experience in the legal eDiscovery market, specifically machine learning software and legal data discovery, make him instrumental to HLP’s team, clients, and to the continued development of the next generation AI and Predictive Analytics technology – Sentio.

“Paul is a highly skilled technologist who balances a strong understanding of AI technology, product management and legal workflow integration,” said Hy Hetherington, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of HLP Integration. “Paul’s unique experience working for several software companies that have become standards in the legal industry makes him uniquely positioned to lead our Sentio efforts and advise clients, both law firms and corporations through the challenges of implementation and execution of Advanced Technology Assisted Review. With the significant AI noise in the legal market and the challenges clients face identifying differentiators between products in the market, Paul will leverage his experience to ensure clients get the most out of incorporating Sentio into their workflow.” .

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ayfie to provide groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence workflows for the Relativity® ecosystem using Sentio technologies.

Sentio Software, LLC is pleased to announce that ayfie Inspector for Relativity® now revolutionizes productivity and accuracy for document review with state-of-the-art Continuous Active Learning workflows powered by SentioAI™ & Sentio Maestro™. 

ayfie, a leading software company for information retrieval and big text analytics, today announced the launch of ayfie Inspector for Relativity with Continuous Active Learning methods (CAL). ayfie CAL is powered by SentioAI CAL Predictive Analytics & Sentio Maestro model-based quality control software. The Inspector for Relativity analytics suite is based on best of breed technology and leverages a revolutionary combination of linguistic and powerful machine learning products.

ayfie serves legal teams around the world with innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) products that streamline "big text" document review processes and maximize efficiency for reviewers. ayfie Inspector is an advanced linguistics-based text analyzer that lets customers find crucial information within their data by adding structure to vast amounts of content for rapid filtering and insights.

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Sentio Maestro document review model-based quality control technology is now a part of Relativity App Hub.

Sentio Software, LLC is pleased to announce that Sentio Maestro software is now part of the Relativity App Hub, which includes applications and products that extend the functionality of Relativity.

Sentio Maestro provides the ability to automatically identify and correct incorrectly classified documents. It can be applied to any review, in process or new, without changing or disrupting the current workflow. e-Discovery teams can use Sentio Maestro for linear review, to identify and correct reviews and for near real-time evaluation of reviewers and the overall review. Sentio Maestro checks each reviewed document individually to identify possible false negatives or false positives.

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