SENTIO’s Analytic Review – TAR

Better and faster than any other tool on the market today!

SENTIO’s Analytic Review – TAR can:

  • Save up to 58% over a traditional human review
  • Train multiple models (tag multiple issues) simultaneously
  • Train in fewer documents, eliminating the need to review an entire seed set
  • Provide the ability to monitor models after completion
  • Can save off models to be used in subsequent productions or matters/cases, if documents are similar

Unmatched Predictive Coding/TAR – Speed and Volume Requirement

Law Firms and Corporate legal departments are under increasing pressure to control litigation and investigation costs and to achieve greater cost predictability in connection with these activities. Attaining these goals is made more complex by the ever‐increasing number of critical information sources and the scope and scale of the raw information that must be interrogated and managed as part of these efforts.

SENTIO Software is an expert in the field of strategic information management in support of corporate litigation and investigations. SENTIO Software is a suite of technology solutions that uses predictive analytics to identify the most relevant pieces of information in as little time as possible. For litigations and investigations, SENTIO Software is a technology assisted review application (TAR) for document review which incorporates machine learning capabilities that enable the application’s users to actively train the software over time. SENTIO Software’s unique combination of technology assisted review with continuous active learning capabilities have resulted in unprecedented benefits to our clients in the form of: more accurate results, time savings and significant reductions in costs.